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Released 04/08/2024
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Released 04/08/2024
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GoGreen PC Tune-Up
The GoGreen PC Tune-Up™ was invented, researched, developed, tested, released and maintained by Mountain Computers Inc.
Learn more about our 25+ year cause @ → Green Software Foundation © 2024


The GoGreen PC Tune-Up™ (GGPCTU) is all about speed and stability, keeping the UI pretty, and enhancing usability, reducing time and overhead to get your job done - all at the same time. This has been the inventor and creators mission and goal for the last 25+ years. The Computing Innovation (ppt) link below tells the story. Read it Today!

In 3-7-21 steps, your PC can be super responsive and lightened from unnecessary bloat and overhead. Your computer is your everyday tool to get things done. The GGPCTU does just that in a unique way. It should be very fast, pretty & cool, and very user friendly.

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Your receipt is your Serial Number and confirmation through PayPal. Refunds subject to management review. Upgrades, and other exceptions subject to Mountain Computers management approval only.

Your Transaction Receipt is your Serial Number to unlock the tune-up software. It's tricky but it works. You need to have internet access to unlock GoGreen PC Tune-Up™ to complete its 3-7-21 procedure.

The GoGreen PC Tune-Up™ list price is $19.95. Volume discounts available.

Of any country and nationality, We offer various % discounts to students & professors, veterans, senior citizens (age 50+). Yes, 50+ is now the new break-point to be a senior citizen based on our primary research.

No proof is required. We accept your word on it. Ethics 101

You do not need a coupon or referral discount code to download and purchase. RetailMeNot is awesome for many companies; not us yet.

FileHippo was awesome; yet we are respectfully listed @ → CNET - bigger, better, stronger, faster - Yay!



At home while at play, while writing, while editing pictures, or streaming a movie, your PC needs to be fast, very fast, stable and usable, and very snappy. When you say jump, it responds. The GGPCTU makes all the necessary changes to make your home experience one of the best.

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Work is where you need your computer to be the fastest, sleekist, and most usable. GGPCTU in 3, 7, 21 steps does just that. There are 5 major areas of the computer GGPCTU modifies in order reach a stabilized and optimized configuration.

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GGPCTU on the Road


While traveling your computing on the road experience is important. The GGPCTU directly affects your portable device by speeding up your computer's behavior while you are working, and then settles down when your portable device is in travel mode and goes to sleep or hibernates. GGPCTU improves laptops, tablets, and many devices running Microsoft Windows operating systems on many platforms.

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In the Cloud


In the Cloud, the GGPCTU immediately reduces power and cooling requirements across the data center. OEMs will pretend and say their hardware and software platform is already fine tuned; however, the GGCPTU will even find 1% per second improvement or more - which is massive at scale in terms of computing performance and operational savings.

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in the Datacenter


In the data center, the GGPCTU directly reduces the amount of power used for processing and cooling directly affecting high density blade and vm processing racks. Each CPU and GPU can be relieved of 1-5% or more of direct access calls, and as high as 30-50% overhead reduction or more in API function calls that eat up overall processing performance doing unnecessary work.

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in the Virtual Desktop


The GGPCTU can be applied to each and every Virtual Desktop in a beehive of millions and millions of virtual desktops and millions of user profiles. Each Virtual Desktop user and professional does not need to know what it takes to make their desktop perform exceptionally well, but they will and can tell the difference from slow to fast. The GGPCTU eliminates the forward and back API calls for unneeded desktop processing work. Only the necessary computing calls are processed, and only the window API updates are called which reduces all the I/O by 50-80% or more therefore saving thousands of computing nanoseconds per second, minute, hour and day, month and year. A desktop user experiencing the GGPCTU effect will immediately notice a snappier experience and the executives paying the bill will notice a reduction in utility costs and an increase in productivity and output.

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